Search and find books to learn a new language. You can compare prices for each book across different online stores and buy from the store of your choice. For example, try these:

Books to learn Hindi through English
Books to learn Bengali through English


Read news in Indian languages using writeKA's Indian language news aggregator. The news is collected and sorted in order of importance as understood by writeKA's news aggregation engine.


Explore the web by searching in Indian languages or browsing through the Indian language web directory. You can determine trends for any subject in news by using the News Trend Analysis Tool. If you use Google toolbar, you can use these search gadgets from writeKA.


Scripton - Online Transliteration

Scripton is an intelligent online transliteration tool that allows you to type in Hindi and type in Malayalam without having to rely on fixed transliteration maps. For example, when you type "bharat", the engine differentiate between the first and second 'a' as long and short respectively - you do not need to type "bhaarat".

Scripto - Download application to write in Indian Languages

Scripto Scripto is a downloadable application that allows you to type in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi (Gurmukhi), Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil using phonetic transliteration. You can send email and publish blogs directly from the tool. You can create maps to type in new languages as well.

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